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When you feel off-track from your life goals, not as happy as you would like to be, or are feeling less effective, coaching can help you achieve outcomes that you are having difficulty achieving on your own. Coaching, unlike psychotherapy, does not delve deeply into emotions, illness or past relationships. Instead, it is designed to: 1) help you articulate your dreams and aspirations, 2) clarify goals in a step-wise fashion to realize those dreams, and 3) provide you with the necessary skills to reach your goals and ultimately your dreams.

Dr. Lisa Senders has a passion for coaching in the following areas:

Life /Personal Coaching is designed to develop goals and set measurable objectives to be more effective in your desired pursuits. Often individuals have long-buried, untapped dreams that they have put on hold or squelched that can be revitalized and realized.boat

Health Coaching helps you manage health behaviors that lead to a greater sense of physical and mental well-being. I will help you develop an individual program to optimize your commitment to exercise, weight loss and/or other behavioral health issues that you would like to change.

Dating Coaching will train you on various aspects of meeting and attracting long-term partners and meeting more compatible prospects. The focus is on confident and meaningful communication, as well as interpersonal skills such as flirting, fashion and recreational activities.

Transformative Coaching assists you as you redefine your life. Transformative coaching addresses deeper convictions about what you want out of life and is often sought when you are transitioning from one phase of life to another, such as a desire to shift from your current profession or moving toward more enriching relationships with others, yourself and your spirituality.

Happiness Coaching guides you in behaviors that research in positive psychology has shown to enhance overall happiness. You will develop skills to build zest, gratitude, optimism, love and curiosity into your life. Furthermore, you will learn to get support from others and how to pursue pleasure, purpose, and transcendence. Meditation practice is encouraged as well.

Work/Family Balance Coaching proactively examines your personal beliefs and needs related to your career and family, and then teaches you negotiation skills to use with your partner (and/or other individuals who help care for your children) and in your work setting to achieve more balance.